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i-Pal and Smart-Pal Palletising Systems

Noreside Engineering Ltd are proud to announce partnership with CSi for i-Pal and Smart-Pal Palletising Systems.

Introducing the iPAL

Up to 25 packs/minute.

Footprint: L 5.5m x W 2.5m

Product types:  Cartons, trays, shrink packs, crates etc.

8-10 weeks Lead Time
We can deliver the i-Pal within 8-10 weeks with an installation time of only 3 days.

3 Years Warranty
With over 50 years experience, we have a high quality standard.  All our palletisers come with a standard 3 year warranty.

Financial options
With Smart Palletising, you can buy, rent or lease your i-Pal.

Introducing the Smart-Pal

Up to 15 products/minute.
Footprint: L 3m x W 2.5m- It is on wheels so can be easily moved from line to line.
Product types: Cartons, trays, shrink packs.

Affordable for everyone
Our wish to bring automatic palletising within the reach of everyone, led to the development of a new cost-effective palletiser : the Smart-Pal is now an option for everyone looking to automate their palletising process.

12 weeks lead time
We can deliver the Smart-Pal within 12 weeks with an installation and commissioning time of 2 days.

Financial options
With Smart Palletising, you can buy or lease your Smart-Pal.